Are you struggling with researching and ranking your videos on YouTube?

"Brand New Powerful Software Lets You Ethically Spy on Your Competition... OutRank Their Videos... and Dominate Your Market on YouTube with Just a Few Clicks!"

 Best Part You'll get Higher Amounts of Traffic by Leapfrogging Other Videos in Your Niche... While Working LESS!

Dear Video Marketer,

If you are tired of manually researching your competition and want to quickly and easily rank your videos on YouTube and other search engines, then you MUST read below...

Hi, my name is Lisa Allen and I've been a successful internet marketer for over a decade, selling physical and digital products online.

I've studied and used social media successfully and through lots of trial and error - cash, time and energy spent - I've been fortunate to come up with lucrative traffic generating strategies, which I have been teaching my marketing students for the last few years.

You see, I've not only created block-buster traffic generation training courses like Pinterest Traffic Blueprint​ (which sold over 2000 copies), but also Tube Authority Blaster, Twitter Mechanics, and Curation Traffic Blueprint. (Like you, I am all about generating TRAFFIC!)

And all together, I have sold more than $400,000 worth of software and traffic training since 2012.

Now I'm not telling you this to brag, but to impress upon you I know what I am talking about when it comes to finding effective ways to generate AND convert TRAFFIC.


I Wasn't Always This Profitable...

That's right.... Just like you, I've had my ups and my downs.

In fact, let me quickly tell you how it all began...

Back in 2003, after 5 years in a job I loved, in a small, close-knit (and wonderful) startup software company, I decided to do something I never thought I would...

...I said goodbye to a steady paycheck and quit.


While I loved my job at first, this startup was sold to a bigger company. And after the takeover, things weren't the same as before.

It got so bad that every single day I was completely stressed out. I started dealing with migraines, ballooned to nearly 270 pounds— even had heart palpitations. (It's exhausting just thinking about it.)

I knew I had to get out of there. But the economy was seriously tanked and I couldn't find another tech job anywhere, no matter how many interviews I went to.

So what's a girl gonna do? I decided to make my own job,

In short, I decided to start my own internet mail-order business.

I had never run a business though, and it took all my courage to stop looking for a job, where someone would pay me regularly like clockwork — I had to shift my mindset to start looking to be my own boss and be responsible for my own success or failure.

Sound familiar?

So with only a tax refund check in hand I invested in some craft supplies in the jewelry hobby market, and with some connections I previously had with a community of jewelry hobbyists, I put up an online store and started selling.

Within 2 months the store took off and it replaced the paycheck from my old job.

I was ecstatic! I couldn't believe it.

By 2010 my humble little jewelry supply business was rocking nearly $250,000 per year!

Now this is where the story gets interesting...

You see, I wanted to run a second business which required less inventory. So my husband and I invested in a popular weight loss product we were successfully using ourselves, and started a second store.

Fortunately, that store took off too!

Keep in mind we were using Adwords to generate most of our traffic to both stores and things were doing great for about a year.

Then one day, completely without warning, Google decided they hated the weight loss product we were selling,  They took away not only our Adwords account for the second store, but banned us completely from running ads for my jewelry supply business, which had nothing to do with the weight loss product.

Have You Ever Felt
So Down on Your Luck
You Didn't Know If You Could Recover?

I know I have.

We were devastated, because we had been relying on just one traffic source—  Adwords. Our sales plummeted and we started struggling just to stay afloat.

I mean, here I was paying Google over $1500 each and every month to get traffic from them...

And in one full sweep, they decided to ban me out of nowhere, and immediately my business came to a full stop.

I had no money coming in anymore, and I needed to find a new way to bring traffic to my business.

So I Had to Start From Scratch Learning How to MAKE Traffic....

I started looking for solutions, and landed on social media.

The big problem there was, that I hate doing manual research. It takes too long and at the end of the day, if you don't know exactly what you should be looking for, you're not going to improve anything.

I admit it. I was spoiled with Adwords— you just pay and you show up at the top of the search results. But how do you leverage other sources of traffic and outrank competitors?

If using video, I didn't want to spend a lot of time creating and working on ranking them without getting results.

And I definitely didn't want to waste money on tools that were either obsolete, poorly designed, hard to use, or left me more confused than when I was doing my research all by hand.

I Decided to Build an All-in-One Video Marketer's Dream Software...

After seeing what's out there, sitting at the feet of other successful video marketers and talking with previous students like you, I started building my own tool for my own personal use.

A platform that lets you instantly SPY on your competitors.

Imagine clicking one button and immediately having all your competitors' videos laid out with everything there is to know about them (such as video popularity, tags, titles, descriptions, page rank, SEO optimization and more) — All without leaving the platform.

Just picture researching a keyword with one click, and seeing all the videos ranking for it, as well as all the information needed to beat them and outrank them. No guesswork.

Imagine all the other money-making tasks you could do in your business now that you don't have to waste your precious time researching — It's all done with just one click.

I'm talking about an easy to use tool that gets you hidden and insider information you need to quickly rank videos, get loads of traffic and big commissions.

And that's what I have for you today.

Video Marketers Are Loving It.

Frank Schwartz

I used TubeViperX to adjust my review/walkthrough video into a top 10YT video in less than 5 hours and quicken it's rise in Google.

I have also gone back through and adjusted other videos which have greatly jumped in rankings because I was able to target certain tags and descriptions. Not copying the descriptions, but knowing how and where to adjust mine better.

[Using TubeViperX] ...I have located what appear to be sweet spots for a $1300 product w/10% commission. I will have that project going soon.

CJ Boston

Introducing TubeViperX 2.0

TubeViperX 2.0 is an Adobe Air app (works on both Mac and Windows computers)  which allows you to not only spy on your competition, but also puts your videos on page one of Google for big paydays.

And best of all, it virtually takes your competitors' commissions and traffic from right under their noses.

TubeViperX 2.0 is easy to use and non-techie friendly. I've designed it this way with great attention to detail and a simple tabbed layout even grandma can navigate.

With TubeViperX 2.0
You'll Be Able To:

Quickly and easily research the factors other videos are using to rank for a keyword, including grabbing ALL of the tags which Google has been hiding from you.

Analyze any channel (your own or your competitors') at a click of a button so you can see what's popular and plan your niche domination with your video content.

Research playlists for any keyword so you can see what it takes to get your playlist ranked, and how difficult the competition is.

Track video rankings over time for 3 major search engines so you you can see how you are doing for a keyword at a glance.

Extract related keyword data from Google's keyword planner and let's you mine ranking videos as well as ad money being spent in the niche and competition... so you can pick out the keywords with the best potential for profit and rankings.

Let me give you a breakdown of this AMAZING tool:

Take an Exclusive Look Inside TubeViperX 2.0

Here's What You'll See Inside TubeViperX 2.0

Video Analyzer

Instantly uncover the full ranking factors that YouTube is rewarding with top spots now, so you know what you have to do to rank yours for any keyword.

Want to analyze more than just the top ten videos? TubeViperX allows you to instantly spy on 10, 20 or even the 100 top ranking videos.

Find out —  and model — your videos after the most popular competing videos with detailed stats including views, comments, likes and favorites.

Easily preview any video from the search results right INSIDE the application — plus see what related videos are being shown.

Instantly export video ranking factors data to a CSV spreadsheet to hand off to your virtual assistant or content writers.

Uncover which videos in the niche are being monetized off-site and discover potential partners who are not already making money from their videos.

Easily filter video results by page rank, likes, views, published date, category, and even words in the tags, titles or descriptions... so you only see the data that is important to your campaign.

Filter search results by multiple criteria to analyze what's working, and what's worth going after.

Plus... Advanced Search Features

Locate videos by license type and find creative commons video clips you can legally use for free in your video projects.

Fine tune and target video results by preferred country and language​ — over 70 countries and 25 languages supported!

Find local videos for your keyword using embedded GPS coordinates and even specify the surrounding search radius to get exactly the local area you want.

Search by published dates, to easily see your newest competition and stop it in it's tracks, or the old and trusted videos with massive authority.

Find videos with specific lengths or definition for any keyword to grab the best video content for your curated playlists or blog posts.

Search through massive advertising channels by keyword — and locate potential clients in your area with ease.

Video SEO Analysis

View a complete breakdown of Video SEO factors for any video, including video page rank and channel authority.

Instantly discover which videos are actively targeting your keyword with title and description optimization.

Compare comments vs. views to seamlessly detect which videos are getting fake views and can be easily unseated.

Discover video backlink numbers to identify the sticky videos that will be harder to outrank, and which videos are entirely vulnerable to takeover.

Channel Analyzer

Enter a channel username, channel id, or auto-fill from the video analyzer results and see results for up to the most recent 500 videos on that channel.

Assess the strength of your own channel or any competitor with detailed stats.

Filter competitor results to find out what content your competitor is most successful with.

Instantly brainstorm video and content ideas using competitor channels and Channel Analyzer.

Playlist Analyzer

Instantly analyze competing playlists for any keyword — see which playlists are optimized for the keyword, and which playlists you could easily unseat.

Quickly find potential partners and network with other channel owners to get more views by getting your videos added to their playlists.

On-board Help System

On-board video help system walks you through each and every feature of TubeViperX 2.0 with detailed demonstrations.

Instant access to any NEW help videos we create just by opening the help tab — no app upgrades or updates needed.

All help videos are in stunning 1280x720 HD resolution and are watchable full screen so you won't ever miss a detail.

Advanced Serp Tracker

Instantly find out where your video — or any competitors video — ranks in YouTube, Google and Yahoo search results.

Easily save ranking results in spread sheet form to compare with future ranking results or hand off to a virtual assistant for further seo work.

Stores rank tracking results in the history so you can easily see — or show clients — the results of your video ranking campaigns.

See your rankings progress in vivid detail with beautiful full-color charts — You can even export the charts to JPG to give to your clients or include them in your reports.

PLUS —New bulk checking feature allows you to check multiple rankings at a time — No tedious checking one by one.

Easily organize your tracked videos by project, making it simple to keep track of videos and keywords for multiple clients, or multiple niches.

Keyword Analyzer

Quickly brainstorm related keywords to research videos in with TubeViperX 2.0's Keyword Planner integration.

Enter any seed keyword and get up to 800 additional keyword ideas back to use in video descriptions, titles, tags or simple make even more videos and completely DOMINATE your niche.

Quickly understand where the money is in your market by discovering where real ad dollars are being spent.

Use the power of the long tail to pull in multiple keyword rankings for your videos for even more traffic.

Pull in the number of competing videos, as well as my secret X-ray Factor to instantly discover the competition for each related keyword... and pluck the ripest low-hanging fruit.

Quickly focus on the real keyword gems by filtering, or deleting low-quality keywords from the results with one click.

Import Adwords generated "Excel" download files from your computer straight to the Keyword Analyzer​ to instantly take advantage of your previous saved research.

Export related keyword lists to spreadsheet and hand off to your virtual assistant for SEO, backlinking, or creating new video content.

Seamlessly fetch keyword ​data from your Adwords account just by selecting your account in the dropdown and clicking "Search".

Accounts, Commenting & More

No need to fumble with account passwords and time-consuming logins. TubeViperX will manage unlimited YouTube and Adwords accounts for no fuss access.

Create high-authority backlinks to your channel by using the comment feature to drop comments on competing videos and channel discussion pages.

Contact channel owners through YouTube's messaging system to get your links into unmonetized videos or network and create partnerships.

Use right-click menus to easily copy video urls, video tags, and channel ids from results with one click — no need to export everything to get a single piece of data.

Instantly follow your research where ever it leads - Seamlessly go from the Keyword Analyzer to videos for that keyword, or from the Video Analyzer to look at an entire Channel.

Show just the columns you want to see in the results views — tailor TubeViperX to show you the most important data that matters to you without distractions

Fast Action Bonus Gifts

When you grab your copy today you're also getting:

One Year of FREE Updates, Support and New Features. ($400 value)

I always stand behind all of my products, and since I use them in my own business, you can stay worry free, knowing that ​TubeViperX will be updated constantly and keep working long-term..

Gold-Ticket Access to my Private, Members-Only Facebook Group. ($197 value)

Join the inner circle of TubeViperX members in learning new tips and video marketing hacks to move your results up to the next level.

My "Totally Bonkers" Graphics Package of more than 800 images, templates, YouTube covers, hand written graphics, landing pages, and more. ($497 value)

Use these royalty-free graphics in your videos, sales pages, landing pages, lead magnets and reports and more. You'd pay a graphics artist thousands to create these graphics for you, but when you grab TubeViperX 2.0 today, you get this stunning collection of graphics assets as my added bonus gift.

Low Introductory Price
For a Limited Time

TubeViperX 2.0 will be sold for at least $97 after this limited-time launch party special — and it will still be a bargain at such a price.

If you were to buy other overpriced yet lackluster software with LESS features than TubeViperX 2.0 you'd spend around $147.

Now if you wanted to do all of the research manually, you'd waste precious time you could be spending in other cash-generating activities in your business... which means not getting this tool is COSTING you money.

TubeViperX 2.0 will take you from wherever you are — a beginner who's never used video to generate traffic... or an experienced video marketer looking to boost his/her income — and take you to higher rankings and more traffic in just a few clicks.

Like I said, after the launch party is over, this software will be sold for a significantly higher price.

But if you act right now, you can get a special price.

So if you're a person who likes to take advantage of an opportunity. rather than wait and pay more, as part of this offer only, you won't pay $147.

You won't even pay $127.

For a limited time I'm offering you complete access to TubeViperX 2.0 and the killer bonuses for the one time low price of.....


Single Computer License

TubeViperX Pro 2.0 (single)

3-Computer License (Best Value!)

TubeViperX Pro 2.0 (3-computer)

100% Risk-Free No Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and use TubeViperX 2.0 for a full month. Spy on other videos and channels and discover how they're ranking so high... get the best tags and keywords for your own videos, plan out your strategy and outrank your competitors.

If within 30 days the software doesn't perform as designed on your Mac or PC computer and we can't make it work for you, just contact our support team for a full refund**. Beyond that, there are no refunds.

You have NOTHING to lose— I've put all the risk on my shoulders. I'm confident that you'll see the value and the ROI as soon as you put TubeViperX 2.0 to work.

**You must first cooperate with our support team to resolve any issues you encounter with the software on your Mac or PC computer before any refund will be considered.

Take a Look at What Other
Successful Video Marketers Are Saying...

Clifton J. Boston

"Video Analyzer - I Love It..."

"I can click a keyword in the Keyword Analyzer and it appears in the Video Analyzer search box. I can then get important info such as views and favorite count. What I like is the published tab. I can see which category I should upload my video to and how many others are actively posting videos. We understand activity means money."

"It's a great research tool and is always updated..."

I use TubeViperX to give me insights into to what other people are doing with videos, channels and playlists on YouTube. It's a great research tool and is always being updated. In fact I have several of Lisa Allen's tools and for very good reason - they work.

Tony Peacock 
Samuel Heins

"The Rank Tracker Rocks..."

"I enjoy the power of being able to comment on videos that I know are PR3 and PR4. The great thing is they are videos with the same keywords as my channel target..."

"The Rank Tracker rocks. I love it. How much time is saved from clicking around Google and searching through page after page."

"This is a super advantage in this industry..."

What I like the most is, that Lisa is consistently updating all of the software she creates, & this is a super advantage in this industry. ... 3 thumbs up...

Joaquin Palacios Molina 
Paul Collins

"This is an absolute must have tool..."

Tube Viper X 2.0 for me is a tool that I use everyday for video marketing, its great for checking out the competition, see if there ranking in google, press the seo tab and reveal there keywords and more, the other tool which I find invaluable is the serps checker, which keeps a constant check on where my videos are ranking, for me this is an absolute must have tool if your involved in video marketing, and the bonus is Lisa, fantastic back up and support.

Mike Smith

"a winner and a great addition to my tool box..."

I just purchased TubeViperX 2.0. I was truly impressed by the professionalism of your presentation . Crisp, concise and perfectly orchestrated. If your product is a reflection of the effort and expertise that you've put into presenting its features, it is certainly going to be a winner and a great addition to my tool box. Excellent work!

"I absolutely adore this... It's solved a lot of problems for me"

Here's Exactly
What You're Getting Today

You're getting the video marketer's Swiss Army Knife with everything needed to start ranking your videos above your competition and generate insane amounts of free traffic as you never have before.

Video Analyzer Search

Mini-Browser Video Viewer

Video SEO Optimization Analysis

Playlist Analyzer

Channel Analyzer

Advanced Serp Tracker with History

One Click Ranking Re-checks

Colorful Visual Ranking Progress Charts

Keyword Analyzer w/Keyword Planner Data

Keyword Competition X-Ray

Creative Commons Video Search

GPS Targeted Video Search

Country or Language Targeted Search

Video Commenting

Saved Accounts with Auto-Fill

Export Search Results to CSV

Right-Click Menus: Copy Tags, URLs
& Channel IDs to Clipboard

Search Result Filtering

Export Ranking History to JPEG or CSV

On Board Video Help

Configurable Data Views

Hurry, Launch Party Discount Ends in...


Single Computer License

TubeViperX Pro 2.0 (single)

3-Computer License (Best Value!)

TubeViperX Pro 2.0 (3-computer)
David M. O'Neill

"For local video promotion this tool beats the tail off anything else out there..."

Do you promote for "offline" clients, lease videos, or sell leads? Want to have some of the best ranking and converting assets going?

Using TubeViperX 2.0 gives me crucial information to build the best videos (channels & playlist too!) for local businesses. Not only that, I can give clients "Serp Tracker" reports to keep them informed (and happy to pay.)

I know TubeViperX 2.0 can be used for all sorts of niches, but if your into local video promotion, this tool beats the tail off anything else out there!

Mike Claggett

"7 Out of 5 Stars... (What?)"

TubeViperX 2.0 has turned me into a YouTube CIA Agent.

CIA = Competitive Intelligence Analysis

Not only does it do an AMAZING Job of Rank Tracking on the 3 Major Search Engines and YT, TVX 2.0 Provides me with EV-ER-EE THING I need to know what it will take to beat my competition in the SERPs.

The other feature of the many I have fallen inlove with is the ability to search for Creative Commons License videos on YouTube by Keyword. I have found and used 26 different videos for my clients that are ranking on page 1 of Google and BING and all I had to do was slap on an intro and outro on them. What a time saver.

My client's are AMAZED at how fast their videos rank and are happy to pay TOP Dollar for the service. Without TubeViperX 2.0 for YT Video "CIA", the process to find out what it will take to beat the competition goes from minutes to literally DAYS! Think about it.

SUPPORT: Lisa Allen is THE Best. PERIOD! End of Story.

Here's What To Do Next...

Listen, at this point you have two choices...

You can keep on doing what you're doing, having difficulties leveraging your videos to generate traffic, not researching your competition, or doing it manually for hours and hours on end.

Or you can get TubeViperX 2;0. go behind the scenes and see what you competition is doing within seconds, get your ammunition ready (tags, description, keywords( from their hard work and start getting more traffic and better rankings with relative ease.

So click on the "Add to Cart" button below and let TubeViperX 2.0 help you with your video marketing needs today.

To your success,

Lisa Allen

P.S. Remember, when you order TubeViperX 2.0 right now, you're saving over 68% off retail price.

Not to mention a whole year of free updates, support and new features. Plus elite access to my inner-circle Facebook group, and more than $497 worth of graphics, templates, and other assets to use in your videos, web pages, and sales pages.

Plus. you have nothing to lose with my iron-clad guarantee for 30-Days, which means you can test drive the software for an entire month RISK FREE.

You've seen the results, and read the comments from just a few of the 2000+ video marketers, affiliate marketers and local biz consultants already using TubeViperX. And since it's easier to follow a proven and tested tool that's easier to use, why not give it a shot?

If you want to get better rankings and more traffic using the power of video— it makes sense to get this right now.

Trust your GUT and get TubeViperX 2.0 right now.

You won't regret it.

Click on the "Buy Now" button below and see how powerful TubeViperX is for yourself.


Single Computer License

TubeViperX Pro 2.0 (single)

3-Computer License (Best Value!)

TubeViperX Pro 2.0 (3-computer)